Chung Wah, the restaurant for the most authentic chinese food

Chinese Food claims to be the most significant cuisines around the globe. Bangalore as a territory has been conquered by a number Chinese restaurants in the form of big banners and famous chains. One of the most prominent chain of Chinese food outlets in the city today is Chung Wah. Located in 8 different locales Chung Wah personifies itself as a dictator of the Chinese flag in Bangalore. Wok with Chung which is located in Marathalli is another restaurant which falls under the family tree of Chung Wah besides its name it carries almost every other specialty of Chung Wah. The Chung Wah family is the coming together of a perfectly assembled menu and a vivid dining experience. Speaking of the contents in the menu, it is just incredible to see how unique each one of the Chung Wah outlets are. The vegetarian section consists of a variety in soups,Starters, Main course gravies and the ever good Chinese fried noodles and rice. Where as the Non Vegetarian division also has something similar to this with over a dozen of soups, starters and gravies however the main meats used in the cooking are Chicken and Lamb but 2 out the 8 Chung Wah outlets serve pork. Beside the cooking styles and dishes being different in each of the Chung Wah outlets the restaurant ambiance is also pretty fascinating. Chung Wah has a reputation of being one of the best Chinese restaurants today and the probable reason for its reputation is the fine eating experience which is supported with excellent services in the form of good waiters, proper amenities in all outlets and uniformity and door delivery!

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